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Type Tuesday: Urban Grotesk

Suitcase Type Foundry: Urban Grotesk

Suitcase Type Foundry: Urban Grotesk

Suitcase Type Foundry released their sans serif typeface Urban Grotesk today.

It comes in six weights allowing for enough versatility within the type family.

Via Suitcase Type Foundry:

Urban Grotesk attempts to follow the best of these traditions: rounded arches, slightly thinner connecting strokes and a vertical shadowing axis, where outstrokes are terminated strictly perpendicular to the stroke direction. The primary characteristics are the connection of the rounded stroke to the stem, a round dot, lower and more thrifty uppercase, and generous numerals. The width proportions of characters is almost unified, the text colour creates a unified grey area on a page. An airy metric aids good legibility in shorter texts.

Be sure to visit the Urban Grotesk microsite.

Purchase at Suitcase Type Foundry

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