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Type Tuesday: Lust

Type Tuesday: Lust


The Lust series by Positype and Neil Summerour are soooo sexy!

I'm thinking they must be THE sexiest display serifs ever designed.

I discovered Lust Slim (currently 30% off as of today) a few days ago surfing MyFonts and was just dying to share the series with y'all.

Lust is my overly indulgent attempt to infuse wanton sensuality in a typeface. I wanted to create something that was over the top but veered away from my loose ‘sushi’ scripts, Fugu and Nori, yet was altogether reliable, without the rigidity akin to my Aaux Next series… but it had to be, well, a little sexy. The solution was to create a curvy serif […] Here’s how I broke down what I felt it needed to have under the covers to create this ‘lusty’ typeface: Lots of contrast, almost demure, coy contrast mixed with the flowing curves of a woman’s body, incomplete, almost teasing ball terminals, and serifs that went on forever… so sharp they would draw blood if you touched them.
— Neil Summerour

Be sure to check out the micro site. Lust Slim is beautiful to look at and you can't help but smile at the clever use of type terms.

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