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Re:Sound Bottle Audio Mixes by Jun Fujiwara

Re:Sound Bottle is the creation of Japanese DJ (and designer) Jun Fujiwara.

This is a music medium that can reproduce a recorded voice as music. It makes a database of sound sources that is managed and used as formal and automatic repetitions, and forms a music medium of the day. I felt something missing in the habitual use of music reproduction media, so I thought to create an interactive music medium that changes. By using everyday voices as sources of music, the sounds that are heard all the time every day carry infinite possibilities and help us reaffirm the enjoyment of music. I hope people can experience their own music.

Pretty sweet. I wasn't able to find information that this is in production or available for purchase. I can only hope.

Jun also teamed up with Coca-Cola recently to create the Coca-Cola Remix Bottle.

Kendo Remixed (below) is my favorite from the series.

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