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To Hear Music

I loved this wonderful story about brother and sister Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn from NPR during my drive home. Immediately I thought of my dad.

Every time I hear a piece of classical music that really touches me, I think of my father. I thought of him when I was at the Vienna Opera House for “La Traviata”. I think of him when I hear Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, “Carmen”, “Aida”, “La Boheme”, etc.

My dad doesn't hear so well these days. So, while watching the video below of the Ebene Quartet playing Felix Mendelssohn's piece, I wondered if I placed him exactly where that microphone is positioned would he hear what I hear?

If he could, I would image he would have that big smile he always had listening to his favorites. 

So listening to this story and this music brought on all kinds of thoughts and feelings. Mostly though it reminded me to be thankful for my ability to hear. 

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