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Good Stuff This Week 06 22 2014

Good Stuff This Week 06 22 2014

Awhile back I started, “Food Cart Fridays” and lost steam. Chock it up to being ”too busy” or perhaps it was about making decisions about priorities. It's been so long I can no longer remember.

But, in an effort to ramp up and try once again to commit to an email newsletter I decided to provide a list of More Good Stuff I discover every week and then some.

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Enjoy this week’s More Good Stuff! (I publish every Sunday.)

Color Inspiration

Check out this fun color inspiration website where that Nigel Dennis created to share color palettes inspired by the world around him. You can also buy a limited edition poster and limited edition printed books.

Book: Making Your Life As An Artist

Image from ArtistsU.org

Image from ArtistsU.org

I'm not even halfway through Making Your Life As An Artist by Andrew Simonet but so far, I'm enjoying the different take and insights he offers to artists of every type.

Here's an excerpt from the book about the artist’s challenge:

Build lives as artists that are balanced, productive, and sustainable.
— Andrew Simonet

The website, ArtistsU, also offers a nice selection of tools and resources for artists. Follow on Twitter: @andrewsimonet.


Confused About Paper Weights?

Download this PDF, Paper weights Demystified by The Paper Mill store.

Image via gaug.es

Image via gaug.es

Gaug.es: A Reason to Ditch Google Analytics?

Do you find Google Analytics tiresome or too hard to figure out? Here’s an easier analytics tool called gauge.es. I recently signed up and find it easier to understand. Plus it gives you real-time data.

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Good Stuff This Week 06 29 2014

The Art and Beauty of Silence in Film

The Art and Beauty of Silence in Film