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Good Stuff 07 13 2014

Good Stuff 07 13 2014

A Photographer’s Love and Loss on Instagram

Photographer Jennifer Loeber suddenly lost her mom and to help her cope with her loss, she created these poignant pairings of archival images and objects owned by her mom.

©Copyright Jennifer Loeber / Image via featureshoot.com

©Copyright Jennifer Loeber / Image via featureshoot.com

I found myself deeply overwhelmed by the need to keep even the most mundane of my Mom’s belongings when she died suddenly this past February. Instead of providing comfort and good memories they became a source of deep sadness and anxiety and I knew the only way I would be able to move past that was to focus on a way to interact with them cathartically.

I had recently become active on Instagram and realized that utilizing the casual aspects of sharing on the app was a way to diminish my own sentimentality towards the objects my Mom left behind. Each image is paired with an archival image of her that speaks to its subject.
— Jennifer Loeber / Lens Culture
©Copyright Jennifer Loeber / Image via featureshoot.com

©Copyright Jennifer Loeber / Image via featureshoot.com

See more of the photo series, “Left Behind” on Jennifer Loeber’s website.

via featureshoot.com

Domain Extension Sale!

Ok, I know that headline is super geeky and possibly dry as day old toast but seriously, if you are in the market for a domain extension that is a departure from a dot com, check out the domains below. I’m just bummed because (dot) design isn't available, yet.

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Live Long and Prosper (in Type)

Star Trek and type fans hang on to your mouse. (Lame, huh? I tried :-)

FontShop announced a very cool Pinterest board, “The Final Front-ier”. Woohoo!

It’s always fascinating to see patterns and no matter how type choices change, the overall feel is consistent.

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Would You Give Up Your Freelance Life To Work For These Companies?

Working Not Working surveyed 500 freelance art directors, writers, designers, developers, producers, and photographers, asking them to name the one company they’d give up their freelancing freedom to go work for. One hundred and eighty-seven companies earned a vote.
— workingnotworking.com

I can see three brands that could tempt me but for me, taking any full-time job depends on more than the brand name.

What about you? Share in the comments. I'd love to know: Would you jump to work for any of these brands? If so, which ones?

via Contently

PS: WorkingNotWorking has a great blog. Learn about crazy talented people and see more stellar work. Warning: It’s a major time-suck :-)

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Type Tuesday: Marigny

Type Tuesday: Marigny

Good Stuff 07 06 2014

Good Stuff 07 06 2014