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Good Stuff 07 06 2014

Good Stuff 07 06 2014

Easy Animation: GIFs and Cinemagraphs

I remember putting on my list of things I want to learn, "How to create an animated GIF or cinemagraph”. So, I love it when I stumble upon an article that triggers something on “The List”. You know, that never-ending mega list?

via LaughingSquid.com by Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo of Mr. GIF

via LaughingSquid.com by Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo of Mr. GIF

And yes, I still haven't tried it yet but at least I know where to go to learn — lol.

This one (GIFs) and this one (cinemagraphs) are for all y’all who want to learn, too.

Check out Mr. GIF on Tumblr to see more.

(via The Next Web)

How Did You React to Facebook’s “Experiment”?

My first reaction: “WTF” and then, “That's it, I’m really quitting Facebook”. Once again I got my panties in a wad and threatened to leave. In fact, I definitely thought I would. Thankfully, I cooled off and stumbled upon 5 Questions That Decide if Facebook Crossed the Line by Scott Belkin, some I really respect. His article reminded me that questions are always a good approach to think and learn. Scott's article offers up some great ones. Perhaps for now, I’ll just take a break.

Forget Planning Your Life. Make Your Life as You Live It.

Graduation ceremonies are long over but this commencement address by Dan Pink delivered at Northwestern University's Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences is worth your time. Dan is the author of several great books such as “Drive”, “To Sell is Human” and “A Whole New Mind”. He’s quite a force full of interesting ideas. (via BrainPickings.com)

Be an Expert

Why Freelancers Should Specialize (Not Generalize). I'm a big fan of specialization. These 7 reasons to specialize are great reminders on why specialization helps you. Being a generalist just makes you exhausted trying to be everything to everyone.

See Iceland

Iceland is on my bucket list but who knows if I'll ever make it there so, why not go via webcam?

Webcam Iceland allows you to do just that.

It’s certainly is not the best-looking app nor the best in terms of user experience or interaction design (the images are a bit small and you don’t have much control over zoom) but I love the idea of live travel from your mobile device especially for 99 cents!

images from screengrabs from my iPhone

images from screengrabs from my iPhone

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Good Stuff 07 13 2014

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