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Everyday Object Love: Hand Dryer

Dyson Airblade. Photo by Harriett Baskas.

Dyson Airblade. Photo by Harriett Baskas.

My First Hand Dryer

I remember the first hand dryer that made me look twice.

It was a silver number by Dyson at Masu, a sushi restaurant in Portland, Oregon a few years back. Instead of placing your hands below the dryer, you place your hands inside the dryer from above.

Your hands triggered the fans and in seconds your hands were dry. It was so fun to use that I returned to my friends all excited about it. All of a sudden they had to go to the bathroom.

The only weird part about it was that my hands looked like Roger Moore's face in Moonraker.

Xlerator Hand Dryer.

My Second Hand Dryer

The second hand dryer is pretty common nowadays but the first time I came in contact was at Newhouse. (I admit I got excited when I saw them in airports recently.)

It is also efficient and easy on the eyes.

The fact that it is attractive may sound weird to some of you but aesthetics in a hand dryer is unexpected which makes it  more compelling to talk about.

My favorite part is the copy at the bottom of the nozzle. This is icing on the cake:

Feel the Power

This just goes to prove that a short witty amount of copy can go a long way. It's cute, sassy and memorable.

Xlerator Hand Dryer. Feel the Burn.

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