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My First Commute in Snow

Really this isn’t my first commute in snow but its been 7 years or so since having to shovel out a driveway (150 ft) to drive on super slushy and slippery streets with crazy people in SUVs who think they are invincible.

Then there is the wind: biting and relentless. (Chicago, I'm thinking of my commutes in your city!)

So here’s my first ever video of myself made with my iPhone 4S as I walk from the parking lot to Newhouse and then back to get home. Trust me, this isn‘t some super awesome video but I wanted to share my experience.

Oh, and my quip about the job? Totally kidding. My new colleagues have been teasing me about this kind of weather for weeks.

The bright side? There's been more sun here. Cold I can handle. Unrelenting days or grey? Not-so-much.

Anyone want to help us shovel the driveway again?

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