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Food Cart Fridays: Darius Himes, Filtering Out the Noise, and Lauren Henkin's New Book

It's that time again! Food Cart Fridays!

How was your week?

This week's Food Cart Friday is short and sweet. Here's a quick list:

  • A new photography book
  • Interview with a photography book editor
  • Filtering out the Noise.

Lauren Henkin's Photography Book, “Silence is an Orchard”

This. Is. Beautiful.

I'm a big fan of Portland, OR based fine art photographerLauren Henkin.

Having seen and touched her book, Displaced, I'll bet that Silence is an Orchard is just as gorgeous.

Lauren is a photographer with great knack for details and it shows in every way in her books.

If you are looking to produce a book as a work of art, pay attention because producing a book is more than being a  great artist. She excels are building relationships.

See more photos and read more about Silence is an Orchard here.

© Lauren Henkin_ All rights reserved_ Photos by Stephen Funk.jpeg

©2011 Lauren Henkin. Photo by Stephen Funk.

Recognize the Noise

There's a lot of noise out there. External noise. Internal noise.

So when I stumbled upon this post by Michael Lopp called, "The Noise" I was shaking my head in total dismay at my self.

As a small business owner, I realized I'm as much a victim of the Noise as an employee:

The Noise wants you to believe it’s Signal. The Noise is things you need to do, and they are approachable, knowable, and accomplishable things. You do them — one by one — and mentally pat yourself on the back as you finish them because you have a sense of moving forward.
The Noise wants you to believe it’s Signal and its omnipresence in your life slowly and deviously convinces you that the Noise is important. But all listening to the Noise does is deafen you to the things that are important.

Be sure to read the rest of Michael's take on The Noise. It's a great read and it'll make you think.

Interview With a Photography Book Editor

Great interview with Darius Himes, owner and publisher of Radius Books.

(Click on the image (below) or here to view the video of Darius Himes at Forward Thinking Musem)

And if you didn't know, he and Virginia Mary Swanson have a book coming out called, "Publish Your Photography Book!".

They have already started a lecture series based on the book so if you want to stay in the loop, head over to the Publish Your Photography Book! website, check out the upcoming dates and sign up for the newsletter!

Darius Himes Interview

Happy Friday!

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