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Nimbus by ShootQ

Pictage / ShootQ have announced at WPPI 2011 a new product called Nimbus for photographers.

Nimbus by Pictage and ShootQ

So far, it sounds pretty cool and it's smart to place emphasis on the “hub” concept.

I totally agree: being online is not “just a website”. Your brand is an online web presence/experience…

Any product that claims to make workflow/management easier for small businesses is worth the click.

Plus, they have built it on a foundation of HTML5.

What's to like about that? This puts you and your business on technology that has the future in mind. And as we all know, technology changes faster than you can say [fill in the blank].

Remember: Mobile. It's not just for big companies. (Ahem, and another reason to ditch an all-Flash website).

We’re staying on top of this new product and are making queries to find out more about being part of Nimbus’s Designer Network. You can be sure we'll be testing it out thoroughly and pushing the customization as much as possible. 

For now, check out the video below for more information.

And, if you are interested, sign up to be invited as a beta user.

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