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Milestone: 40

I celebrated a milestone birthday.

For months I was planning a trip to NYC. You know, gather some of my (our) favorite peeps; hang out, eat, drink and celebrate. I was thinking, "We're back on the East Coast so we'll make it a reunion, too!"

But as the weeks got closer to the big day, I decided I wanted cozy, comfortable, easy, small.


So instead of the big getaway weekend or par-tay that supposedly women of my generation are doing (whatever that means), I decided to:

Celebrate online via Facebook and Twitter.

It’s nice receiving Tweets and Facebook messages from your favorite people wishing you a Happy Birthday!

Yep, that sounds super geeky and I’ll take that as a compliment.

I see its your birthday? Happy Day! The world is a better place because of all of its creative people (you). @debpangdavisThu Dec 08 19:27:27 via web

@debpangdavis Happy Birthday!! Red velvet, yum. I hope it's a lovely one. :)Thu Dec 08 19:06:15 via TweetDeck

@debpangdavis Happy Birthday!Fri Dec 09 01:11:27 via Twitter for Android

Make myself red velvet cupcakes.

My first red velvet cake was in Iowa of all places. From the very first bite I was hooked. Now that I have what I think is the best recipe for red velvet cupcakes, I’ll be making these for anyone who likes them as much as me.

I mean really, who cares if cupcakes as so passé? We don't follow trends. We follow our hearts!

I digress. Oh yes, where was I?

Enjoy making dinner at home.

I opted for an intimate, lovely evening with my husbandone of my dearest, dearest friends and a respected colleague and friend. (Woohoo! The universal forces aligned.)

There's something magical about making dinner with friends and for friends. I know: it's simply wonderful to feed people.

Cozy, easy, small = lovely

I love the power of smaller, meaningful gatherings.

Because... Everyone is present. Everyone has a chance to be heard. Everyone has the chance to listen.

It was perfection.

So maybe in another 10 years I’ll do something big.

The again, maybe I won't.

Thank you everyone who made my milestone super special.

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