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Food Cart Fridays: A Handmade Book, Landing Pages, Font Identification, Recommendations & Darkrooms

Well, I fell of the wagon for the last few weeks for Food Cart Fridays. So much for being able to stick to my goal.


But in the last two months, I've dealt with a massive tooth ache (root canal flare-up), been sick with a nasty cold, went to the National Geographic Seminar and helped LUCEO design, launch and market their exhibition catalog, Altered States. We also just launched a photographer's custom blog and I'll share more about that next week.

Oh right, and there were those holidaze mixed in... *whew*

So here's a mix of goodies from this week. Enjoy!

Handmade Promo Book

Love this handmade book by advertising and editorial photographer Chris Crisman.

This is the power and beauty of simplicity.

Chris Crisman Handmade Promo Book
Handmade Photo Book Chris Crisman Title Page
Chris Crisman Handmade Photo Promo Book Interior page

See more images and read more about Chris’s handmade book at No Plastic Sleeves.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

I wouldn’t take the layout in this illustration by Formstack too literally and it is a great guide for what makes a solid landing page.

Why not take it too literally? Because your content and goals don’t always fit into a template.

(BTW -- if you need an online form builder to integrate into your website, check out Formstack's offerings!)

Formstack's Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page

What’s that Font?

Discovered a font or typeface you like but you have no clue what it is?

Send your requests to @Font_ID on Twitter.

Looking for Recommendations?

Endor.se connects with your twitter account and allows you to recommend and/or find reputable people or businesses.

I'm still working on mine!

Find and create reputable recommendations

The Dying Art of the Photographic Darkroom

This video brings back memories and smells of Dektol. I used to have this ratty sweatshirt that reeked of fixer.

There was always something meditative about processing film and developing prints. I can't say I miss the smell of chemicals and I do miss the slowness of it all.

Happy Friday!

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Typography Tuesday: Alphabet Jewels by Jacqueline Rabun

Typography Tuesday: Alphabet Jewels by Jacqueline Rabun

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