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9 Favorite iPad Sleeves from Etsy

There are so many choices for iPad sleeves and rather than going with one from the Apple store or the mega online stores I took my time and opted to buy from an Etsy store. (Thank you @siffring for the reminder!)

So here are 9 iPad sleeves I think are worth considering if you are in the market for an iPad sleeve:

Sophisticated Leather iPad Sleeve

by RobbieMoto  /  $52.00

I LOVE this floral imprinted gray-tan leather iPad sleeve! I already bought her leather iPad sleeve with Peacock feathers, so right now I have iPad sleeve envy (this one was not available when I was shopping - phooey!). The lipstick red enclosure tab is such a great touch.


Simple and Elegant iPad Sleeve

by Portel  /  $49.00

Do you like a combination of textures and contrast of materials? This simple and elegant iPad sleeve was one of my top three choices when I was on the hunt. I love the attention to detail given to this handsome sleeve especially the leather closure.


Modern and Minimalist iPad Sleeve

by byrdandbelle  /  $48.00

Another smart and simple iPad sleeve for those who need a more classic look for the office. I love the graphite/charcoal wool felt and hand-dyed leather strap. It reminds me of a well-tailored suit!


iPad Techee Sleeve in Vintage Flower Orange

by RogueTheory  /  $22.00

For those who are looking to make more of a bold statement, this Orange and blue vintage flower iPad sleeve is sure to get you noticed. RogueTheory also has the same pattern in vintage green that might be more up your alley and I love the vibrancy of the orange and blue! If flowers aren't your thing, check out this bold red and blue Queen of Hearts iPad sleeve.


Echino Lizard Canvas Waterproof iPad Sleeve

by kindlecovers  /  $37.99

It has a tiny lizard, a waterproof microfiber lining and β€œis designed like a pillow case”. Sounds good for anyone making frequent trips in the rain (Um, Pacific Northwest?) with their iPad. They come in a bunch of other patterns so be sure to check those out or ask when they will have more.


by Antjes  /  $79.00

Other than In addition to the color combination of chocolate brown and cream, the embroidery on this iPad sleeve is charming. The lining on this one is woolfelt so your iPad will surely be protected against minor bumps.


Buttercream Leaves on Branch Leather iPad Case

by TheFigLeaf  /  $42.95

Moss Green with cream leaves and a rustic wood button? What's not to like? The design is wonderful and for sure a conversation starter. The interior is a soft suede and some of the cases can be more snug or loose.


She also makes an deep rich mahogany leather iPad sleeve. If the real thing is anything like the photos, the leather looks like it would feel like butter. My favorite part is the organic-shaped flap with what I think is an elastic and wood button clasp.

Eliza Leather Pouch in Purple, Gold and Antique

by MoxieandOliver  /  $95.00

If you like the look of warm, washed leather, this iPad pouch has a great look. I love the shape of the flap and the rivets. They can add a shoulder or wrist strap with any custom order, too!


Silver German Designer Felt Sleeve

by FerutoBags  /  $39.90

I'm a big fan of minimalism and the simplicity of this sleeve is oh so elegant. It's made of 100% German wool felt (3mm or 0,12” thick); water-repellent and stain-resistent.


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