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Wishlist: Bags, Bags, Bags from Nau!

I LUV these bags from Nau!

This may sound silly but each of these bags look comfortable: easy to carry and soft.

Can a bag be approachable? Warm? They look like, you know, just the right pair of jeans.

The Fluent Traveler

This bad boy is made out of organic cotton and is ”The ideal carry-on or weekend duffel”. I have to say men, I think you'd score some points carrying this bag around the airport or throwing it into the backseat of your car with a lady friend. 

Nau's Fluent Traveler Bag Exterior

Nau's Fluent Traveler Bag Interior

Motil Ped

This cute little number is high on my wishlist as an Everyday Bag. How perfect would this be for all the rainy days here in Portland? Waterproof and stylish. Love! I wonder if it will fit my iPad?

Nau's Motil Ped Bag Exterior

Nau's Motil Ped Bag Interior View

Both these bags are listed under “Men's Accessories” and I’m thinking this is equal to “Boyfriend Jeans”.

Ladies, go for it. I'm saving up to own one of my own!

And Peter Kallen, designer at Nau, I'm a BIG fan. HUGE. Would you please design some pants for we petite women?

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