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I Have an Idea: Affordable Website Solutions

Are you a creative entrepreneur looking for an affordable, effective, sophisticated website?

I need your help.

How does an elegant, fast and SEO-friendly website for at least half off the starting cost of a custom website sound to you?

John and I have been working on creating a set of pre-designed, semi-custom, foundation websites to help solopreneurs and creative small businesses market online with a rock solid, future-proof website.

Each website would be 50% - 70% less than the creation cost of a custom website.

We’ve been calling these website solutions “Ooyoo” (more on the name at the end of this post) and even though I have quietly shared this idea with a few close peeps, I felt it was time to go public to get some feedback. (Scary!) 

So, who would benefit from an Ooyoo website? Well, maybe this is you:

  • You are just starting out and want to make sure you start smart.
  • You are serious about growing your business.
  • You want to reach an increasingly mobile audience.
  • You are tired of having to move your website each time technology changes.
  • You have a flash-based website and really need to migrate to CSS/XHTML.
  • You are forward-thinking.

What makes these pre-designed, semi-custom foundation websites different from all the other choices?

  • Each package is designed by yours truly and coded by awesome front-end developer John Knotts.
  • Each design is only available in limited quantity so you don’t have to worry that everyone on the planet has the same design.
  • Each website foundation is integrated with our favorite CMS, ExpressionEngine.
  • Like our custom websites, Ooyoo sites are built to be flexible and take you into the future simply because we build upon a Standards-compliant base.
  • Each package would include one hour of consultation to talk about your Ooyoo website, marketing and design.

How is it that Ooyoo Sites cost 50% - 70% less than a custom website solution?

Because each design is pre-designed and semi-custom, it allows us to streamline our workflow. Custom websites can take anywhere between three to six months; each Ooyoo Site is already designed and coded. We sort out all the details up front making sure each design is beautiful, user-friendly and tested to be driven for the long term.

Here are a few features all packages would include:

  • Unlimited galleries
  • Unlimited static / information pages
  • Drag and drop image ordering
  • Contact form
  • Search field
  • Custom 404
  • Custom meta description, keyword fields per page
  • Custom title tags for each page
  • Google analytics integration

Ok, so what it would it cost?

We are thinking about two tiers of packages to start:

  • Our base package would be more like a brochure website — unlimited galleries and static pages. Estimated cost: $1500.
  • Our second tier package is a more dynamic website — unlimited galleries, static pages and a matching/complimentary blog. Estimated cost: $2500.

What do you think? Let us know in comments!

Why Ooyoo? Ooyoo is the Korean word for milk and our idea behind these foundations are to help you grow, like milk. Plus, we like the sound of it. Ooyoo!

Ta-da! Launching the New Cococello Site

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