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Photographer Crush: Matthew Benson

In an effort to save some cash I chose not to renew some magazine subscriptions. One magazine survived the purge: Organic Gardening.

This most recent issue has a story called "Happy Hens".

This particular story was special to me because I love chickens, I love fresh eggs, and I still think I want to raise chickens. So looking at these wonderful, humorous, adorable pictures of hens and chicks made me go the extra mile to look up the photographer online. (I swear I've seen something similar in say Martha Stewart Living some years back...)

These are a few scans I made of my copy of the magazine:

Organic Gardening June/July 2010 : Photographs ©2010 Matthew Benson

Organic Gardening June/July 2010 : Photographs ©2010 Matthew Benson

The photographer is Matthew Benson.

Seriously, this guy makes everything look beautiful. He has these toned black and white images (cool and warm) that I want to hang in my office. He really makes some stunning photographs of food, gardens, people and places.

He and his family even have a farm called Stonegate Farm. They make farming look incredibly idyllic, beautiful... perfect. If I lived anywhere near them I would sign up for their CSA in a heartbeat!

Food, Travel, Garden Photographer Matthew Benson

Stonegate Farm, Hudson Valley

PS: Matthew, if you ever need a redesign of your websites, I would love to work with you!

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