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The Muted Blues: 5 Elegant, Sophisticated Shades

If you are in the business of serving up comfort, style, escape, or health and have been searching for elegant colors, I’ve selected a handful of blue hues to help get you started.

One of these shades of blue could work well as part of a brand and identity solution for say a wedding vendor, a spa, a photographer, a hotel or any business offering health and wellness.

All of these colors are sourced from my favorite place on the web for color inspirationColourLovers. It has been awhile since I’ve visited (I used to blog for them - see below) and after a frustrating attempt at usingAdobe’s Kuler, I decided to go where I know things work.

So, after viewing hundreds of colors with the keyword, tag or label of “blue” these hues are just a few of my favorites.

Each blue I’ve chosen is muted. Their understated, quiet quality evokes elegance, luxury, sophistication.

When I think of blue, I immediately think of water, the sky, and my favorite pair of blue jeans. There’s something magical, refreshing, relaxing and comforting about the color blue.

Blue also brings to heart trust, loyalty, health, and new beginnings…

Of course not all shades of blue are considered relaxing; context can make feelings around blue more negative and color has different meaning in different cultures.

What comes to mind when you think of the color blue? Do you have a favorite shade of blue?

I’d love to see it. Connect with me on ColourLovers.

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