Cococello is Deb Pang Davis. Independent print and digital designer, educator and soon-to-be-author.


What I learned this Week #18 2010

Maybe Saying No is Saying Yes

Ever have the urge to say “yes” to every possible lead that comes your way? No matter what the deadline, no matter what the fee? Your gut however is telling you something isn’t quite right, yet your eyeballs latch on to that dollar figure and keeps telling your gut to shut up! We need the money. Any money helps, right?

So I ask you, why is it that even when I think I've made the right decision, I still feel incredibly guilty or selfish when I pass on a project or maybe even, (gasp) stand up for my abilities, my self?

I mean, some of us don’t have the luxury of saying, “No”...

At the same time, I’ve been thinking that saying no is saying yes to:

  • Walks with my husband
  • Meeting friends for dinner, or
  • Just stepping outside and taking a break for sanity's sake

Maybe I'm having a hard time with this because one of my core traits is “Responsible” and I can't help but think that the decision to say no is based on greater desires or even just self-preservation.

What do you think?

Re-discover What You Love

Ever get so busy and so involved in something that you almost forget what you love? I was reminded this week of how much I enjoy designing wedding invitations and stationery. I miss it.

Because I’ve been so focused on developing the web design side of my business, I’ve had to make some sacrifices. At first I was OK with it thinking who the heck has time to do both? I should concentrate on what is in demand, right? 

I suppose that’s the logical thing and after having coffee with a friend and awesome designer the other day, I realized we have to respect what is in our hearts.

So please, help keep me accountable because I’m declaring that I’m going to do something about keeping Coco Paperie alive and moving forward. I’ve already made some steps and very excited about what will happen next. 

It’s OK, “Get it Out There!”

Have you heard about Rework by 37 Signals? What I love about this book is that it challenges everything I’ve read or heard about what you are supposed to do as a business. I think Jason and David's advice might even go against logic and that’s exactly what I love about Rework. (OK, the fact that it is peppered with some cool illustrations and every bit of advice is bite-sized helps, too.)

In Chapter 2: Progress, there’s a section called, “Get it Out There! Launch Now”. It basically suggests that you don’t have to have every detail figured out before you launch your service or product; that what you think you need to do or get done may not really be necessary. Reading that felt like such a relief!

I’ve been working on some ideas on how to make well-designed websites more affordable for small businesses and after reading this chapter again, I’m thinking I’ll have to “impose a deadline” to “gain clarity” so I can stop fussing over the details and get this service out and available to you. 

How’s that for a teaser?

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