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What I Learned This Week #17 2010

I’m a little late with What I Learned This Week and let me just say it was totally worth putting it off for a day and being late.

I’m No Sleeping Beauty!

I took the Sleep Quiz and it seems my little snacks before bed (I have this need to graze every 2-3 hours) keep me from getting a restful night’s snooze. I haven’t read all of “Secrets of Sleep” and Sleep Through the Ages highlights some very cool in-a-nutshell tidbits for your next cocktail party. All the photos were made by awesome, fun-to-be-around-photographer Maggie Steber.

Sleep Through the Ages

Money Reality Bites

Paying those quarterly taxes is no fun. Super ouch. Then came the out-of-the-blue car repairs! Sure, we haven’t had car repairs in like 5 years and holy cow did this one come in to make up for it. And to top it off? I thought I would need dental work. Thankfully, that did not happen (whew!)and sadly I did have to cut back on several things. Better to face reality and know than to be in denial, yes? 

Sometimes You Just Gotta Break Down and Cry

There are times when you just have to let it out. Sob like a baby. This week, I had to do it. I cry freely these days. No sucking it up or being embarrassed about tears. It just feels damn good to let it out so why not? So the next time you feel like crying, just do it.

“Get Off the Computer and Get On a Bike”

It’s the new Schwinn campaign (via Brand Channel) and stumbling upon it was great timing. (Too bad the website is all in Flash - ack!) I listened. It feels so great to be on a bike especially with the weather being so nice. I made a solid attempt to climb a hill (this after months of sporadic errand riding) and almost made it! My legs felt like Jello and the feeling was totally worth it. The results? The stress went away and I slept like a baby.

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