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What I Learned this Week #16 2010

It’s Easier to Buy From People You Like

Of course it is! This week I invested some of my hard earned cash with Chris Guillebeau and Danielle LaPorte. Chris launched his Empire Building Kit and Danielle announced the release of her new digital book, The Firestarter Sessions. They each have their own style and what I like about both of them is this: They are incredibly smart and there is no bullshit. They deliver what they promise. How’s that for branding?

Listen to Your Gut

I’m a big fan of the gut. Instinct is very powerful and I think sometimes as we get older we fail to listen to it. I don’t know about you but sometimes I get carried away and ask too many people what they think. Those queries eventually becomes noise; so much noise you kinda forget what you thought. My solution? I have two people I count on to give me an objective, safe environment to hash out my thought process: My husband and my business coach. They help remind me to trust my instincts, go with my gut and be me.

Make Plans to Hang Out with Your Prospects — In Person

Are you thinking, “Well duh.” ? That’s what I thought when it finally heard it. (Question: Why is it you can hear the same thing from many people and only really hear it from one?) So, I decided not to attend several designer conferences and made plans to connect with my target market. I’m also planning to reconnect with people I know because the people who already know me are my greatest marketing partners. Gotta keep the love healthy!

Testimonials are Like a Box of Chocolates

I received a testimonial earlier this week that just made me feel all yummy inside. It was a sweet boost for this creative person who suffers with occasional bouts of insecurity. I’ve learned there are the fake chocolate testimonials and the real chocolate testimonials. The real chocolates are meaningful testimonials that are incredibly convincing. It’s important to learn how to give and ask for real chocolate.

It’s OK to Rest

Does that sound ridiculous? I think so and I’m still learning to give myself permission. Being self-employed means you can rest anytime, right? This past week has been absolutely nutty and for good reasons. Still, I am exhausted and wonder how long I can sustain my own expectations of my self. I’m thinking that whole Sundays for rest concept is a good idea. Scheduling rest in sounds ludicrous on some level and if that’s what makes it happen, gotta do it!

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