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Food Cart Fridays: SEO Add-on, Marketing by Referrals, Coat for the Homeless, Facebook Ads 101

We're out of the office (hello, it's Christmas Eve!) and still delivering our promise of Food Cart Fridays every Friday.

This week is a bit shorter than the previous two and the ability to schedule posts ahead of time is oh-so-cool.

My website is working for me when I'm not working! Yay!

SenSEO for Firefox

2011 is right around the corner and no doubt as a business owner, optimizing your site for more traffic and sales is top of mind.

It is for me so I just downloaded the SenSEO add-on for Firefox and had some interesting results.

More significant SEO has been on my to-do list for awhile and I've budgeted to do exactly that for 2011.

But making SEO a top priority for 2011 requires a larger business strategy so for starters, download SenSEO for Firefox here and check your meta tags (for each page) and keywords.

I'll be adjusting mine over the next few weeks.

The Referral Engine by John Jantsch

I just ordered this book via Amazon (Kindle app - awesome!) and if you are interested in expanding your reach, I highly recommend checking it out.

You can preview the first chapter via PDF download at referralenginebook.com and here are 4 Ways to Start Expanding Your Reach through Referrals.

This concept about the important role emotion plays in why someone buys and refers a product or service is a big one:

People don’t get emotional and passionate about ordinary products, a satisfactory result, or a fair price. They talk about things that surprise them or make them feel great about themselves—and, in effect, remove the feeling of risk they might have about doing business with that firm.
It’s not enough to have a good solution. Buzzed-about businesses have a good solution draped in a total experience that excites, delights, or surprises the customer and motivates them to voluntarily talk about their experience.

Chapter One, The Referral Engine

Referral Engine Book

The Empowerment Project: Coats for the Homeless

Veronika Scott, a product design student at College for Creative Studies in Detroit designed these ingenious coats for Detroit's homeless (18,000 and growing).

The Elements [S]urvival Coat is a convertible coat that doubles as a sleeping bag.


Read more about the coats on her blog, The Empowerment Plan.

Elements Survival Coat for the homeless

©2010 Brittany Thomasson

[via Good.is via NPR.com] *Thanks Leslie for the link!

Learn the Basics of Facebook Ads

Sitepoint recently launched their Facebook Ads 101 online course.

Yep, I signed up.

Facebook can reveal and offer some very cool insights about your audience and as 2011 approaches, I'm educating myself about using Facebook Ads as part of my overall markting strategy.

Yes, a few months ago I decided to leave Facebook but came back because the marketing benefits far exceeded my personal disgust about Facebook Places and Privacy.

What can I say? Internet marketing: Love it and Hate it. 

Happy Holiday Friday!

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