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Food Cart Fridays: iPhone Apps, Small Town Giving, Facebook Consulting and Dr. Seuss

Rachel and I are working at full capacity a week.

We have holiday music in the background and we can't help but sing along with Dean Martin.

Who said Decembers are slow?

But enough about us. Here are the goods this week:

Name Your Own Price Facebook Consultation

If you don't know Tommy Walker, get to know him because I think he is awesome. I met him through Get Connected and he really knows his stuff.

This morning he announced, “Name Your Own Price One-on-One Consulting”.

Sign up toute suite here.

And if you are up for a great story, read about how he got fired over a pair of pants.

The Virtual Water

I discovered Virtual Water through an ad in Momentum MagazineEditorial Corporate photographer Randy Olson had a copy on his coffee table and I just had to subscribe.

But Virtual Water has this really sweet poster and a really beautiful water use iPhone app that helps you understand the relationship between commerce and water.

Virtual Water Wall Poster

Download the Virtual Water app here and buy the poster here.

Virtual Water iPhone app

AllHours iPhone App by PolitePix

AllHours was created by the wonderful app developer Halle Winkler of PolitePix.

AllHours is a multiple time zone call and virtual meeting planner. It helps you find the best time to have a call or virtual meeting when the participants are in very different time time zones.

Looking to develop an app? There are lots of app developers out there and PolitePix would be a great starting place.

AllHours iPhone App

Bidsketch and Highrise Integration

A month or so ago, I started using Bidsketch to send out my proposals. I tried Proposable but found Bidsketch to be great for its simplicity.

Too many bells and whistles is a bit of a turn off.

So, this latest news that Bidsketch now integrates with Highrise (my CRM of choice), is more cupcake!

Social Media by Dr. Seuss

The Doctor has come up a lot in my stream as of late and this post, "15 Social Media Tips from Dr. Seuss" (via Guy Kawasaki) was especially fun.

You Have Newsletter Subscribers! Great, now what?

Not sure how to measure what’s happening? Check out Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant Naomi Niles’s recent post, "How to Measure Your Newsletter Subscriber Conversion Rate"

Give to Small Towns, USA

’Tis the season for giving! How about helping out a few of your fellow entrepreneurs?

LUCEO has been working on a project about small towns and if you want to help out, check out their latest series of posts by photographers Kendrick Brinson, Daryl Peveto, and Matt Slaby.

Here's the important part: When you get to the end of the post, there’s a cute little Flattr button. Get an account and Flattr them.

They are also looking for ideas from you about where to go next (population under 1000) so be sure to submit your suggestions in the comments.

Skull Valley by Kendrick Brinson, LUCEO

©2010 Kendrick Brinson

Another photographer Dina Kantor is looking for help to continue documenting the small town of Treece, Kansas through Kickstarter.

And it looks like she just reached 50% of funding after the story being featured on FlakPhoto - yay!

She still needs more funding so help her out with a donation here.

“Get Your CEO On”

Ladies, get your Daily Worth (thank you Leslie!) if you need help managing your money. This week’s newsletter, “Your Future as a Free Agent” really hit home for me.

And if you are interested in what we are working on:

Happy Friday!

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