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Typography Tuesday: Gift Ideas for the Typography Nut

So, I have this gigantic wish list of products that use typography in fun and smart ways.

And because it is that crazy and amazing gift-giving season, I thought I would share my list with you because you might have a type lover on your holiday shopping list.

The second half coming next week and maybe there will be a third!

And, if I've missed anything, please let me know in comments below. A girl has only so much time but she can have a long wish list :)

Seb Lester Limited Edition Dreams Print

This poster is just plain stunning but that's true of all of his work (yep, me = big fan).

The poster reads, "We shape our destiny if we believe in the beauty of our dreams".

Seb Lester Dreams Poster

Visit Seb’s Shop, Keep Calm Gallery for more details.

And for more background about Seb's limited edition print as well as a few others he released recently, visit I Love Typography for the lowdown.


I've always been a fan of animals created out of type ever since Bembo's Zoo came out.

If you want to start educating a special kid in your life about the magic of typography through animals, this looks like a super fun way to start. And you never know, the type-loving adult in your life may love it too! (hint, hint)

Alphabeasties is available at Amazon.

Alphabeasties typography animals book

Handlettered Map of London or New York

by UK designer and illustrator Ursula Hitz.

Buy the posters in Ursula's shop.

via typegoodness

Handlettering posters of NYC or London by Usula Hitz


Typeface DVD

Typeface DVD cover

This is a limited edition DVD that is just wonderful. Typeface screenings have been selling out across the country but the DVD includes a sweet little limited edition poster. Heck, check out their shop. There are a bunch of limited edition posters available there, too!

Here’s a trailer:

Neutraface Slab Blocks

Neutraface is one of my all time favorite typefaces and these Neutraface Slab Blocks from House Industries are so much fun. I suppose these could be a gift for the kid(s) in your life but I'd love to display these on my bookshelf!

Neutraface wood blocks by House Industries

Typeface Memory Game

Created by ps.2 arquitetura + design from Sao Paulo, Brazil, this game will certainly demand some concentration. Learn some history and some of the more common typography terms. Buy the Typeface Memory Game at Amazon

Typeface Memory Game

Typography card set by a.favorite design

Found these fun typography cards over at Felt & Wire Shop.

"Some days feel like Helvetica" - totally geeky and I love it!

Typography Card Set

More to come next week! 

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