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PDXCROSS: Holding On and Letting Go

Last night PDXCROSS met for some beer (thanks Tim for the Bike Beer from Hopworks!) and chatted for a few hours about what's in store for PDXCROSS.

One big change: Rob Finch, photographer extraordinaire would not be joining us this season. He has a new priority in his life and we're fully supporting his decision to step up to that plate. Ya gotta respect a man who knows his priorities especially when it is family.

But we'll miss him and we hope he'll make a guest appearance time and again.

We also decided to focus on what is important; nailing down what we are about. Maybe its the time of year; a season of change? Being creative people, we love spinning ideas. Get us together and those ideas can become rather large...

What kind of time were we willing to invest? What about money? It was time to be honest — to the group and to ourselves. 

PDXCROSS was created as an outlet; to get a group of good friends together and have fun while also connecting with a community and an activity we loved (cycling). C'mon, how much better could it be that that?!

Still, sometimes the good things; the core things can get lost when swept up in the excitement of having unexpectedly created something very cool. Last night, we reminded ourselves to stay true to why we started PDXCROSS.

None of us expected the incredible response to PDXCROSS. It was a surprise; a fluke and a very welcomed one. It really inspired us to keep going and we felt appreciated. That appreciation still warms our hearts...

Given the positive response, our creative minds started to think of more things to do; more ways to connect, but coming up with ideas is one thing. (It's fun! It's exciting!) Execution; however, can be quite the commitment. The last thing we wanted to do was stretch ourselves so thin we would start down a path or two that may be related to what we do best and could potentially create one hell of a burden.

There are many businesses or organizations that stray from their true core; their identity and more often than not the organization falls apart. PDXCROSS wants to stay true to why we started and that means being true to ourselves as well as supporting each other. 

So toward the end of the night as we were wishing everyone good night, the wife of a PDXCROSS photographer summed it up best: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to".


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