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Back to the Home Office

Not long ago I weighed the choices between a home office and the office away from home. I found a great office in another part of town after exploring several different spaces even after thinking I had decided now was not the right time. So I moved. And it felt great.

But, in the short span of a few months I realized (I should say my husband and I decided) this really wasn't the right time...

Life throws unexpected events your way sometimes and I decided I didn't want to move through each day pretending that everything will be OK. Maybe it will. I still have oodles of optimism. But maybe it won't and where would we be if it doesn't turn out OK? Well, I would be kicking myself for not doing something practical. It's that "I should have..." guilt that will take awhile to process.

So this decision as well as a few others we've made in the last few days is a preventative measure: Potentially save us from our own guilt and perhaps put us in a better position to deal with unexpected events. Because even though the news is telling us the Recession is over, some of us are still dealing with it and for some of us, it may not be over.

One day I'll have a studio space. It's just not right now. And one day I'll get to commute to work by bike (my favorite part of working away from home); just not right now.

At least now I'm better equipped to deal with "home-alone-itis": Be firm about office hours; Take that half-hour or more to exercise; Go ahead and eat lunch away from your desk and take the time to be social whether in person or online. It really lifts your spirits.

Your self is very important and taking time for self really truly helps you focus on your work and your clients in many positive ways. This is the goal. Remind me to take time and I'll remind you too!

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