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Excuse the Mess

Things are a bit messy around here since some super annoying (that would be the tamest words) person hacked my site and put in some script that sent spam to everyone I know or don't know.

Hello Tuesday morning.

After being out of town for nearly 2 weeks I've been wading through a pile of stuff and then this has to happen. Not surprisingly, I broke down, tears and all especially when my host sends out a "Your website has been suspended due to violating terms of service".

On top of that the poor customer service support guy starts to speak to me like I understand what he is talking about. Error logs? Finding a script? Nailing down which script has a hole?

HUH? Ok, maybe not complete "huh" but I knew enough this was over my head and if I tried to tackle it myself it would take days... I had a total of 15 days to resolve this or the site would be permanently removed (crikey) so with everything else going on I knew I had to make some 911 calls.

I'm lucky to have someone to call. And he (John Hooley) helped fix everything until we figure out what on my site was causing the breakdown. So this blog is in a raw form until I know we are A-OK.

I like Wordpress but I have to say maintaining it is tiring. So I'm looking to move from Wordpress to perhaps ExpressionEngine or Squarespace. Moving to Squarespace would be the easiest path but there is something about ExpressionEngine that keeps me from making a commitment to Squarespace.

I don't know yet. I'm trying not to make a hasty, emotional decision...

So apologies that my blog is not quite as pretty as it used to be. It's time for a redesign anyway so please bear with me.

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