Cococello is Deb Pang Davis. Independent print and digital designer, educator and soon-to-be-author.


Voila! My New Logo

I've been remiss about posting news and I've been so busy! It's been great.

Ta da! Here is my new logo created by the lovely and talented Jessica Hische:


(OK, I've had it in my hands for a little over a week but I really haven't had any parties to attend to show it off... ) Jessica provided me with four pencil sketches and we tweaked the letters together.


It was extremely hard to choose but with the help and strong opinions of some of my friends, colleagues and family, I felt confident with my choice. Some voiced some concern that the logo was too evocative of a time period but I just love that it has personality. Besides, that time period was a great time period for design. I haven't decided on a color yet. What do you think? I'd love to hear.

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