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Weekend Finds: Hats and Custom Jewelry in Portland, Oregon

Two great shopping treasures this weekend in Portland: Bonnet in the Pearl and jewelry designer Mari Lee of Trulee Twisted.

After a quick turn browsing through the clothes at Pin Me, I stopped at the jewelry display case and Mari's designs caught by eye immediately.

I love, love, love metal and pearls. Her work is beautiful. I can relate so much to the minimalist nature of her work. Here are my favorites and I'm contacting her as soon as I finish this post to buy them!



So, continuing on a major effort on my part (for my health) to take at least a few hours a day on the weekends away from work (who else is going to mind the store?) and with the weather becoming more perfect each week we made our way to the Pearl.

Our mission: to buy a chair (I found one and I'll share soon) but we stumbled upon something more fun called Bonnet.

Sure, I know this might be old news for some but I seriously haven't been out much due to so much work and we rarely visit the Pearl...


What I love most about Bonnet are their prices. They are so affordable on top of being very stylish. If you aren't sure which hat is right for you, just ask. They are so friendly and helpful. Finding the right hat is like trying on a lot of jeans.

And gents, there are many choices for you too. I tried to get Mike to buy one too but he is currently very attached to his Vanilla hat :)


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