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Happy Mother's Day

Here's a photo of me and my mom back when I was a wee wee one. I think she is all of 22 years old in this photo and looking very stylish. (Love that coat!)


My dad made this photo and I love how it was cropped by using scissors; all crooked and not perfect.

God, they were young when they came to this country from South Korea. I think they arrived with one suitcase and maybe a couple hundred dollars, if that. (I can't imagine...)

We've had 37 years together (and I hope so many more, God willing) and I can honestly say that it is one of the best relationships I have.

I'm proud of my mother for every sacrifice; for every compromise; for every ounce of energy she gave to raising three kids; constantly thinking ahead in giving us opportunities she never had and especially, always, always telling me, "You can do it"...

Just as I am in this photo, being around her comforts me and I wish we could live closer to each other...

I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day.

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