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I Love Chocolate

So last year around the holidays, I was unable to taste the delicious sweets tempting me from every table at every networking event, party and even my own house.

Why? I developed some chronic stress reaction that was aggravated by sugar and alcohol. This meant that I had to avoid anything with brown sugar, white sugar, cane sugar, evaporated cane juice (in nearly every packaged product out there), wine, chocolate, soda, ice cream... you name it; anything that was made with sugar or converted to sugar very quickly.

It was quite emotionally challenging. My social life came to a screeching halt!

Sahagun Chocolates

All is good now (tops on my list of things to be thankful for this year - my health) and I can happily indulge (again) in chocolate.

So since my business name, Cococello, is a combination of my love for chocolate (coco) and the cello (I used to play the cello and hoping one day I can play again!) I'm making an effort to build up my Favorite Places to Get a Chocolate Fix List.

I'd love to hear about where you love to get chocolate and what you would recommend I try next.

Here's my list so far:

Cacao: They have the most amazing drinking chocolate. A wee cup is just fine with me and it is so comforting to sit in their delightful shop on a cold, rainy Portland day.

Vosges: When I worked at The Chicago Tribune, my girlfriends and I would head over to sample a truffle or two during our breaks. It was heaven in the middle of the day.

Alma Chocolate: Sarah is an incredibly helpful and sweet person. We bought a bunch of truffles from her as a take away for our wedding guests.

Sahagun: omg. One of my best friends introduced me to Sahagun chocolates and the photo above is one of my Sahagun favorites.

Nuvrei: I LOVE their flourless chocolate cookies. My favorite part is how it gets a bit gooey as you work toward the middle of the cookie.

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