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Shootsac Bags for Photographers

Bags. These Shootsac bags seem to be perfect for the photographer who prefers to carry his/her camera(s) on their shoulders and just needs a bag to carry some extra lenses.

They can be stylish as it comes (even on men):

Photo © Shootsac by Jessica Clare

And, they can be ramped up with an interchangeable cover:

Photo: © Shootsac by Jessica Clare

Made of "wet-suit grade neoprene" and designed to "[conform] to the exact shape of your glass" it looks like it would be flexible enough to mold to your body.

Photo: © Shootsac by Jessica Clare

I've read enough comments and reviews to seriously consider purchasing one (as a gift!). In our house one can never have enough bags.

We even have what is called a "bag demo": a "show" that happens after you've scored a cool new bag and want to show all your photographer friends. I'm not sure which of our friends/colleagues, David or Vince or Bill who introduced us to our first "bag demo"... 

Boy, I just got all sentimental. 

Photo: © Shootsac by Jessica Clare

Photo: © Shootsac by Jessica Clare


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