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To Give and To Receive

I received an email two days ago from a friend. Subject line: "Swimming and Raising Funds for Women's Education".

It was from Cheryl.

Cheryl Hatch: My roommate when we lived in Athens, Ohio taking graduate courses at Ohio University. The woman who holds herself up to high standards and holds other accountable. The friend who I have only seen a few times over many years and has remained a true friend even when I probably didn't deserve her friendship.

That Cheryl has always been a strong advocate for women so it wasn't a surprise that she was swimming to raise funds for women's education. The surprise was in the first line:

This year I created a nonprofit, Isis Initiative, Inc. to offer funds to women overseas who have the desire but not the resources to pursue a college education.

What? Really? Wow... Cheryl has gone ahead and created a non-profit and she is asking for help!

You bet and I'll do more. I'll volunteer my design skills and time to Isis Initiative.

The timing of this is serendipitous. Exactly two weeks ago I had attended a workshop on how to create a non-profit or connect with a non-profit. The workshop was lead by Gabby Tyer of Jessica's Hope and Lea McWhorter of Sophisticated Beads. Both women were incredibly generous with their knowledge and experiences.

I learned that creating a non-profit is essentially creating a business so in my case, partnering or hooking up with a non-profit was more realistic than starting another business. (See, eyes bigger than stomach!)

Enter Isis Initiative.

The beauty of this is that this non-profit was created by a friend and I believe in its mission and goals. I get to help on multiple levels. That makes me feel good because as each day passes I'm more aware of what is important; what is real.

I've been looking to volunteer, to help, to contribute in some way to help others. Getting involved with Isis Initiative is even more perfect because I know it is pure.

Cheryl and I talked for hours earlier this afternoon and it was such a gift to speak so honestly and be real. We talked as if hardly any time had passed.

We agreed: Be honest with ourselves; know what we want; say it out loud and know it will happen.

Just like the ring.

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