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25 Random Facts About Me

25 seems like a lot and I've been tagged twice by my friends Rebecca Shapiro (via Twitter and check out her random 25) and Mary Risher (via Facebook) so since there weren't any rules about being tagged twice, I'm going with 25 rather than 50.

The rules: Once you’ve been tagged, ideally, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. Post it on your FB page, twitwall.com or your blog. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged, including me.

Here goes:

1. When I was in college I had a professor tell me I would never make it as a designer. He was a painter and told me I was too messy. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him.

2. In my late twenties I finally learned how to stand up for myself in cubicle culture. I may be shaking with nervousness doing it but I will stand up for myself and say no to cursing me out and sexual harassment.

3. I proposed to my husband. Long ago I bagged the traditional. No guts, no glory.

4. I used to kick ass in soccer. I played mid-field and defense. I loved both the skill, power and stamina required to play. Too bad my knees are so messed up I haven’t been able to do that in eons.

5. I went to Paris, France when I was 10 and it’s a dream to go back to France and stay for a month at least. The ideal month or so would be to learn how to cook and speak French.

6. I turned down my first and probably only offer to work at National Geographic Magazine. It was to be one of their design editors (art directors). Had I accepted, I would be sitting in a nice office on 17th Street with my name on the office door and on the masthead. To this day I’m not sure if it was the right decision but it was when I made it back then.

7. My cousin Helen inspired me to lead a creative life. I went with her to class at Parsons and being in NYC energized me. She and her sister Jamie were my older sisters since I don’t have sisters. I wanted to be just like them. They were and they still are the smart, beautiful women I admired at 16.

8. I've lived in 9 different states since college. All of my moves were career-related. I moved to get ahead; to gain new experiences and to grab life by the horns.

9. My first and only (knock-on-wood) speeding ticket was in Texas between El Paso and San Antonio. The police officer actually had his hand on his gun when he approached the car. Apparently I didn’t pull over fast enough. My music was loud and I was clueless there was a cop car with its lights on following me. I guess the tinted windows didn’t help either! Parking tickets are a different story.

10. I’m super analytical. The part that doesn’t count on SATs and GREs is where I score the highest. What does that mean? I never found out. If anyone knows, please share. Maybe you can help me figure out what else I could do in life!

11. I wonder what it would be like to be a mom and it makes me cry to think that I won’t. That’s my gut thought and my head keeps telling me, “You’re nuts! Get over it. You can barely handle everything going on now. What makes you think you can deal with being a parent?!”

12. I love to dance. I love to move. This is a reminder I should make this a new year’s resolution to start moving some more! My favorite dance class in college was brazilian dance. It felt powerful and I loved feeling the drums inside and all around me.

13. My favorite way to travel is by car. I love a good road trip especially on back roads; off the beaten path. Some of my favorite driving experiences in the U.S. include: the sand dunes in Nebraska, The Black Hills of South Dakota; the open skies of Montana; Moab in Utah and the drive from Miami to the Florida Keys.

14. I feel things deeply. Sometimes the weight of the world burdens me. Sometimes my heart feels like it will break.

15. I have an adult onset fear of heights. Not sure why but it was so strong I couldn’t climb up the last set of stairs in a church in Ecuador. But when I was a kid, I loved going up to the top of the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center and look down. It was such a thrill. Go figure.

16. I admire and respect my parents. They came here with a suitcase and a small amount of cash. They created a life for us that has always been comfortable and full of opportunities. Both have experienced hardships I can't ever imagine and they made sure and hope still we never will.

17. I was named after Deborah in the book of Judges. Apparently she led an army. I like that about her.

18. My Korean name is Yunho. It could be spelled Yeon hoh but it looks better and sounds better in Hangul. My name has a Chinese translation: Yun is a flower in the lake and Ho is a big heart. Just remember, the “Ho” is not the “Ho, Ho, Ho” of Santa Claus or the garden hoe. And, yes I know that it is a more typical boys name.

19. If I won the lottery today I would take care of my family; set up a non-profit; donate a bunch to help as many people as I could in the states and abroad and then invest.

20. Being a doctor’s daughter, I can handle medical photos and medical tv shows. I can’t handle scenes from war movies or any battle scenes where blood goes flying among other body parts. I’m covering my eyes.

21. One day I’ll do a century ride with my husband and a few friends. I just need to get my butt off the office chair and go ride to train and build endurance.

22. My thirties rock. Even though 40 is that close I look forward to my forties. I enjoy being comfortable in my skin, comfortable about my looks and comfortable about what I think. Plus, as a friend once shared with me, “Honey, the older you get, the faster you smell bullshit coming around the corner.”

23. I prefer the direct approach.Let's not beat around the bush. Tell it like it is. Tell me how you feel. Just don’t be rude about it. Let’s discuss.

24. Mosquitoes love me. This is the number one reason why I prefer to camp in a hotel room than in a tent.

25. More often than not, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. This definitely applies to food and my call-me-crazy desire to help people, especially friends. That said I’m lucky to have friends who know this about me and remind me that I can always say, “No”.

And there it is. Now, to tag 25 others...

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