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Buttons for Obama

The Democratic Convention is around the corner and there is no question (IMHO) that Senator Obama's campaign has the upper hand when it comes to design aesthetics.

Not surprisingly, he has won the hearts and minds of many designers (myself included). And, while I've never been much of a button person, Village has created these delightful O, B, A, M, A buttons that are making my purchasing fingers itch.


From the Village website:

The buttons reflect the huge hope and affection people across the country (and the world) are feeling for the Junior Senator from Illinois. Sadly, it has become increasingly rare for an American politician to inspire sustained positive feelings; anything stronger than grudging acceptance has become unusual. We and many people we know are not just pro-Obama: we genuinely love the guy and we want to wear our hearts on our sleeve, lapel, backpack...

All profits will be donated to the Obama General Election Campaign.

And, if those buttons aren't for you, check out the Obama buttons available at Project No. 8.


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