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Happy Earth Day

Nearly one year ago, my husband and I began work on the Blue Planet Run book project.

The Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World

Since then awareness of water in our lives is heightened and we have made greater efforts to be more conscious consumers of water.

For example, we make every effort to take shorter showers. We use more water-friendly soaps and detergents (and less of it since it so concentrated). For our garden, we make every effort to carefully choose non-invasive, drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants. We compost rather than shooting things down the disposal or the trash and we use the dishwasher...

Those are just a few small things.

(A very cool video by NAU and GOOD magazine. Transparency: Water reminds me of what used to be MTV)

Good Magazine and Nau Water Movie

Still, awareness is one thing and the follow-through is a challenge when water and so many other resources seem so readily available. For those of us living in the US, we're more fortunate than many others; however, as we continue to place more strain on the environment and our resources, Americans will begin to feel more than just a slight impact if not already.

Rick (Smolan) was persistent in reminding the editorial team: "It's not just over there."

My husband and I can do better as a household to manage our footprint and impact on the Earth. Living in Portland, Oregon helps. One great mission of this city is to encourage sustainability and being green. Not everyone does it and those who do find it easier to do so because we're doing it as a community.

As a designer working from home, I don't commute and there are still ways I can minimize resource consumption as a "soloist" and practice sustainable design.

While I practice the basics of recycling and have the thermostat down enough that my fingers are constantly ice cold (solution: fingerless gloves and layers), sustainable design is a relatively new concept for me and I'm learning more about it in my Strategic Design class at Portland State University taught by Dana Plautz.

It's my hope that as I continue my path as a designer, the people -- clients, colleagues, neighbors, friends and family -- I collaborate with also see and understand the immediate and long term values of consuming, designing and utilizing sustainable products and technologies.

It's a great challenge to create solutions with the whole in mind. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that what is created benefits our planet and takes steps to give a better legacy for future generations.

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