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Finally, The Big Yellow FontBook

After what feels like years of yearning, I had a major shopping attack and decided to buy my very own FontBook.

I'm elated.


With this reference, I hope finding that perfect typeface to fit the project will be much faster than browsing through pages on the web. And, for awhile, I've been keeping a myFaveType folder with screen shots and PDFs of typefaces. It's a rather messy folder and I'm hopeful that using journler might help resolve the untidiness for now...

Ideally, I wish there was some way to aggregate or collect snippets from one foundry to the next so I could easily reference my favorites like news.

So many delicious typefaces... I'm going to break out the Post-it tabs, some dark chocolate and curl up with Big Yellow in front of the fireplace.

Rest in Peace, Dith Pran

"Book(let)" 38 by Kevin Miyazaki