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I love Numbers

No, not the iWork Numbers from Apple though I do prefer it over Excel.

I love these Numbers:


Aren't they wonderful?

From typography.com:

For more than a century, typefounders considered numbers separately from the provision of other printing types. Nineteenth century type specimen books often displayed a separate section containing fonts of numbers alone, many of which contained unique features suited to specific kinds of settings. Fonts for tables contained digits designed to a standard width, so that columns would neatly align; those created for calendars contained forms such as "24/31" to accommodate orphan Sundays. The practice of creating specialized number fonts began to disappear at the beginning of the twentieth century, vanishing completely by the dawn of the digital age. But recognizing the usefulness of this practice, H&FJ has revived the tradition with its Numbers series of fonts.

And, here are some favorites in the package:

I have a thing for trains.

Ah, road trips...

Call me weird and I've always loved receipts.

You can read more about them and purchase at Hoefler and Frere-Jones.

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