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Typesites by Astheria

A website devoted to typography and websites launched recently.

typesites was created by Kyle Meyer, a user interface designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To date, the "biweekly showcase" has featured and critiqued three websites. Jesús Velasco and Coudal Partners are two beautiful websites I've long admired and the third, Griffin & Hoxie is their latest review; a new one for me.

What makes this showcase different? typesites isn't just a gallery. typesites seems to aim toward the finer ambition of educating by diving into the nuances of the decisions made by the web designer. Meaning: the critiques go beyond typography to share wonderful insight into the technique and structure behind the rendering of type on screen. Love it..

I wish Kyle best wishes for success. I've learned a great deal already. Thank you.

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