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Polaroid Automatic Land Camera Model 440 Gift

A few months ago a Polaroid Automatic Land Camera Model 440 landed on my porch courtesy of my next door neighbor.

She knows I have a thing for Polaroid so she just gave it to me.


It's in great condition.

Investigation about this camera model just started and from what little information I was able to gather online, the Model 440 made its debut in 1971 and takes Polaroid 664, 665, 667, 669 and 690 instant pack film. Excellent.

The next steps include the following:

-- Purchase a copy of the manual

-- Buy a new 3V #532 battery or make modifications รก la Carlos Hernandez.

-- Clean the rollers (with a cloth and warm water)

-- Test with film

There is also a bonus. A pair of Lentar Polaroid lenses were included: a wide angle and a telephoto. At the moment, I'm clueless about how to interchange lenses and looking forward to playing around after some serious cleaning. Whew - the dust!


Results to be posted soon. And, once I get a copy of the manual, I'll make a pdf available to anyone else interested in having one.

Update 2.11.2008:

Manual has been purchased and is on the way.

Update 3.27.2008:

Here's a link to the Polaroid 440/Polaroid 450 Manual. (This link has been updated. I relocated online services and the manual is now linked properly โ€” 2.22.2013)

Note: Some pages I didn't bother including since some of Polaroid's initial offerings are now obsolete. Enjoy the 440 or 450. The Fuji still manufactures a film (Fujifilm FP-100c) that can be used with these cameras.


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