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Photoblog is moving

So much for Pixelpost. I'm disappointed, too because it seemed like a great piece of software for photoblogging.

In the last few days, the photos were not showing up. Every upload, test, etc. didn't work so I tried the support forum with no luck. Perhaps I'm too much of a newbie at the back end parts to fully understand what is going on. I contacted my host, Bluehost, and it could be a matter of chmod. Bluehost doesn't seem to support the way Pixelpost needs to be set up in order to read, write, execute.

No worries though. I've been very happy with Bluehost (highly recommend them) so it's is time to either install Wordpress on one28.net as a photoblog or try out Movable Type. I could sign up for an all-in-one hosting and blogging but why spend the money when there is amazing software available for free!

My reason for considering MT is that they seem to have more options for photoblogs compared to Wordpress. I've also used them before for posting to a photoblog and it was quite easy. The themes seem to be more inline with my aesthetic, too. (A factor for choosing Pixelpost, too!)

Perhaps another thing to note on my list of Things to Learn is how to design a theme for Wordpress.

Stay tuned (again). I hope to have something figure out soon.

PS: I still recommend Pixelpost as an option. It's clean and easy to install and use. If your host supports it and you are fairly tech savvy (more so than me at this point) it should be great. They just launched their new website.

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