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Cuts and Type at the University of Montana, Missoula

We're back from a road trip to Missoula, Montana where we checked out the University of Montana with my stepson who expressed interest in the college and has been heavily weighing options about career paths.

Journalism is a possible career path and turns out the University of Montana just completed building the new School of Journalism. After getting a tour, I can honestly say the building is quite impressive; however, when we walked into the main door, we stumbled upon this:

Cuts and Type

Here's a detail, too:
Detail of Cuts and Type

I was excited at first and then disappointed that these cuts and type were seemingly glued to some background and hanging as art in the main foyer. There were so many beautiful cuts of bison and other nature scenes that I suddenly felt bummed.

I suppose the bright side is that they are preserved. The downside is that they are stuck to a wall and not being used.

Learning how to handset type can be a great foundation for future publication designers responsible for the use of type at their publications.

I wonder what percentage of those who design for newspapers or magazines were taught and understand — in school — the fundamentals of typography and type design? It seems (and I could be totally wrong) most schools who have a design track in journalism lack this fundamental course for students. Why is that?

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