Cococello is Deb Pang Davis. Independent print and digital designer, educator and soon-to-be-author.


Studio 1.28 Photoblog

Well, I finally decided on a photoblogging application after weeks and weeks of research and testing. I do reserve the right to perhaps change my mind and so far, I love the clean, easy-to-use, and flexible PixelPost.

Studio 1.28 is a collaboration with my husband, Mike. At Studio 1.28, we offer photo editing and research services for books, magazines, archives and/or portfolios. While the website is in the works, I thought a photoblog for Studio 1.28 would be a great way to start and be a place where my husband could share his photos and speak about them. He is so eloquent when speaking about photography and photographs.

Please visit and let us know what you think!

It may also turn out to be a place where he shares the work of other photographers. Stay tuned!

PSU Multimedia Design Certification

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