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1 tomato, 2 tomato, ...

Lesson #1: Start planting tomatoes earlier in the year. This is the first year we've planted food and I feel so proud to have 2 red cherry tomatoes! I do admit that the Type A personality in me is seriously disappointed, if only for a second. (I'm so over it) It is rather funny that it is late August and I only have two. Maybe it will be an longer summer? I can only hope so I can eat at least a handful. Mmmm...

Cherry Tomatoes

Anyhoo -- I thought I would photograph them as evidence that the "farming gene" in me may not be fully tapped but it is there, somewhere! Yes, I learned that my ancestors were farmers and fishermen and were free men who owned land back in the Choson Kingdom. Ok, this may sound funny (I get a kick out of it) but apparently, members of my family are descendants of the "Inventor of Farming", Emperor Shen-nung. I'm sure the story sounds better in Korean.

Cherry Tomato Close-up

Really, I just like knowing I can walk out the back door and eat food straight from our "yarden".

In non-garden news, tonight I will officially sign up for the certificate program in web and multimedia design at Portland State University. This is a big commitment for me and the third time I head back-to-school.

I also finished up adding a paper/cloth and ribbon to the last invite I designed. I'm eager to share and well, the couple hasn't even seen them yet so until the mailing happens, I'm on hold. Trying not to let the cat out of the bag. That's a weird saying. Did I use it right? It sounds right. I'm so bad at using idioms.

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