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Tracing Back to 6000 BC

It isn't every day that an email arrives with information about one's family lineage and I've been hoping that one day it would happen and yesterday was the day! In fact, a letter from my uncle came soon after receiving a family tree from Seoul. I suppose it is that stage in a family's generational life where history needs to be shared in order to survive centuries.

I learned yesterday about my family's pedigree which sounds so formal and it gives context and connection to a country (South Korea) I barely know. As I get older, I wonder more and more about the foods, smells, language and cultural traditions I grew up with and rebelled against as a teenager. Now, I try as much as I can to include what I know or remember about my cultural heritage in my daily life and share it with friends.

A trip back to Korea and Spain is definitely on the list of must-dos and I'll try to share more about Korea in this blog, too. For now, here are some blogs worth checking out about Korea:

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