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Unpacked and ready to assemble

Finally. My table top press (I love the sound of that!) has been unpacked and brought into the house. My husband and our great friend Steven (he has strong arms from surfing!) busted open the rest of the crate; unbolted the press; lifted it up and brought 250lbs of press into the house. Whew!

Here it is in the house.


The press was delivered Wednesday, a day later than expected and it arrived intact and with no visible damage. (Check out the photos in my Flickr album.) It was shipped January 31st from Richmond, Virginia through Atlanta by Southeastern Freight Lines and then delivered to me by Oak Harbor Freight.

I was concerned about the shipping since I had heard stories of entire presses breaking or critical parts (i.e. ink plate) cracking in transit. So, I posted a question about shipping a Craftsman (which this press is not) on Briar Press and received some great advice and ideas. Of course I passed the suggestions along and voila!

I have to give kudos and a huge thank you to Hank Humphries and his colleagues at Graphic Equipment Specialist in Richmond for taking the time and care to properly prepare the press for travel in at least two freight trucks over 2800 miles. If you ever find yourself buying from them, you can be sure they will take care of you and your equipment.

So, now it is time to re-attach the handle and the two rollers. I'll post more photos of the press and try to make some photos that explain where the press was bolted and secured. I'll also make some photos of all the other goodies Dan (or Danny as he signed his name in a note) Humphries included with the press.

Danny, a sweet gentleman in his seventies, was the previous owner and seller of the press above. I promised him one of the first prints off the press and I intend to keep that promise. The timing of my class next weekend couldn't be more perfect. He may have one earlier than expected!

Time to stop typing and write (with a pen!) a thank you note.

PS: The table top press in the photo above is an American Printing Equipment & Supply 6 1/2 x 10 printing press. It was Made in Germany and according to the APA (Amalgamated Printers' Association) it is called an "American Pilot".

Letterpress goodies

Hawaiian Monk Seal