Cococello is Deb Pang Davis. Independent print and digital designer, educator and soon-to-be-author.


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Well, I'm back here with WordPress on my own domain and thinking this could actually work out.

Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind or maybe, as my husband says, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach." (He knows me so well...) but I tried using WordPress about a month ago and felt utterly defeated by having to understand code. It wasn't entirely foreign (I had heard of CSS) and as I dove deeper and deeper in to tweak themes to make it look and feel somewhat more like me, I started to go batty. My head was swimming trying to understand the relationship between files, the codes (php?) and what you see on the screen.

I still don't really understand a lot of what I am doing yet but I found a theme, Omit Needless Elements courtesy of WPDiva that I could tweak and feel good about. What helped make what you see here is the incredible support forums and developers out there sharing their knowledge and wisdom. My thought is: It may be code and initially it makes your eyes glaze over but there is definitely an art to the code and that is definitely sexy.

Returning to explore WordPress comes from wanting more freedom and a place to call home. Blogger was great for its ease-of-use and I felt if I was truly committed to expanding my horizons from magazine design, WordPress would provide the greatest challenge without having to completely start from scratch. Plus, I read all these crazy stories of having to move posts, comments et al from one company to another and it sounded nightmarish.

WordPress, blogging, freelancing...all are new for me. It's been tough and incredibly rewarding so far. I'm hopeful the rewards keep coming and as the learning continues, I'll try to be better about posting. Writing 'out loud' is a bit strange for me so please bear with me as I also find my voice...

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