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Printmaking class at Multnomah Arts Center

I'm struggling to write as I try and shovel as much popcorn into my mouth because I'm so hungry after talking about food during my first printmaking class! (A few words, more popcorn.) And, how lucky am I to come in through the door and have popcorn waiting for me on the kitchen counter! I've heard some people say that some couples develop a sixth sense about their spouses... I'm seriously thinking we are in some sixth sense zone because the other day I was craving chocolate and my husband came home with some!

Sorry, I'm off track.

Here's my first attempt at carving for my soon-to-be first block print! Boy, I had to tap drawing skills that have gathered dust over the years.

flower carving

The eraser type block was so soft that I didn't exactly start the carving the way I wanted to but it's my first carving attempt and I think I'll get over it. Lesson learned on this material called Speedy Cut by Speedball. Our instructor Palmarin Merges also gave us some wood and my brain has already forgotten what kind of wood. Note to self: Find out what the soft wood is called.

So next week I definitely need to get some ink on this carving and carve more to print more - woohoo! Tomorrow I'll have to buy some supplies so I can finish. This is going to be really addictive. Why I didn't take printmaking classes when I was in school at The University of the Arts, I have no clue!

Oh, sitting in the back of the printmaking studio at Multnomah Arts Center was this table top press. I have to get a better look at it next time as I'm not sure of the manufacturer. Palmarin wants to get it fixed up so she can start using it. I totally agree! The type cabinet needs some love, too.

table top press

type cabinet

Tomorrow: A drive to Seattle with my husband to meet up with some friends and Saturday is my first letterpress class! We'll be there through the weekend as the class is on Saturday and Sunday. I'll post more photos when we get back and I'm hopeful I'll be able to post my first prints!

Thanks to my classmates in the block printing class for making the first class so fun and comfortable. Looking forward to the next one!

Letterpress class at Windowpane Press

Slowness on Sunday