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Digital SLR cameras for the non-pro

Trying to figure out which digital SLR camera is right for you?

There's a helpful article, "Buying a Digital SLR Camera" from howdesign.com.

The chart provides a quick service comparison between Nikon, Olympus and Canon in this camera class.

The Canon Digital Rebel XTi is one of the cameras mentioned and I've been extremely pleased with mine.

Aside from getting the right exposure and the granular (eye-glaze) discussion about pixels, here's why:
Size and weight: I have small hands so the XTi fits like a glove and it has enough weight to not feel cheap or put strain on my wrist after hours spent using the mouse. I haven't touched the Nikon or Olympus cameras mentioned in the article and I disagree that the XTi "doesn't inspire confidence" in terms of durability.

Auto sensor-cleaning: Ever see blurry annoying dark-grey-black spots on your photos? It may be that the sensor needs cleaning. It's a slightly tricky process so having this cleaning feature built-in is a great plus.

Choice of lenses: I've been in a macro state-of-mind lately so being able to use the Canon Macro Lens EF-S 60mm 2.8 lens has been excellent. My husband and I share the different lenses in our pool depending on our needs. Also: A true USA Warranty Canon lens is worth the extra cash. The typical lens offered with a body-lens package deal are usually lower in quality and durability.

Sometimes the sheer number of choices makes a decision more chore than luxury so my approach is to make every effort to have an honest heart-to-heart with self and answer two basics when purchasing gear, gadgets or software:
1. What is my end goal? What do I hope to achieve?
2. How much can I afford?

And, if I can't answer them on my own, I ask for help and advice.

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