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I love this typeface: FF Meta Serif

There is a lot I miss about being on staff at a magazine and one of them happens to be using great typefaces.

Use of type is my other primary obsession (fascination?) in addition to use of photography.

So, when I arrived home from web graphics class last night and checked my inbox, there was a newsletter from FontShop about the release of FF Meta Serif.

I fell in love and had to share.

FF Meta Serif Speciman by Kris Sowersby
(Speciman PDF by Kris Sowersby and available for download at the FontShop Newsletter Archive)

I think I stared at it for quite some time... oh, the promise of seeing columns of text set in FF Meta Serif with textural accents of bold and italic would be oh so lovely... And then, the display use and in tandem with FF Meta!

I'm especially in love with the details of the roman lowercase g and y and the italic lowercase k and f.


PS: Just in my inbox: iLT has a posting, "At last! FF Meta Serif". Check out the header and see more FF Meta Serif for all its beauty!


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